A new comprehensive and critical edition of the Bach four—part chorales is in the works, as the initial draft is nearing completion. This new edition has several advantages over those that are currently available, being intentionally created for use in the music theory classroom and for in–depth study of the Bach chorale style.

Arranged by BWV number, the edition presents thorough contextual information with each chorale, including chorale text title and author, chorale tune title, composer/origin, and Zahn number, original liturgical occasion, and original performance date (if known). In addition, a listing of the chorale’s appearance and position in the Dietel, Breitkopf and Riemenschnieder editions is given, as well as a listing of other Bach chorale settings of the same tune. Chorales are presented with their original German texts, and obligato instrumental parts are always included (though more elaborate instrumental interludes between chorale phrases are not).

This edition is far more comprehensive than the commonly–used Riemenschneider edition (and the Breitkopf edition on which it is based), with the 21 chorale duplicates in the Riemenschneider eliminated and the nearly sixty chorales that are omitted in the Riemenscneider are here included.

The appendix includes nearly 20 indexes of various kinds: Indexes by chorale tune name, chorale tune composer/origin, chorale text titles, text authors, liturgical occasion, and performance date. Cross–references are given between BWV, Dietel, Brietkopf and Riemenschneider editions. Listings of chorales transposed, duplicated and omitted in the Breitkopf–Riemenschneider edition are also given.