Instrumentation: violin, piano

Written for violinist Wolfgang David and pianist David Gompper who premiered the work on September 15, 2007 at Coe College.

(Ex)changing (Ex)tracts was written for Wolfgang David (violin) and David Gompper (piano). The work’s opening sonority is derived from the closing moments of David Gompper’s Star of the County Down, a sonority that appears in various guises throughout the harmonic terrain of (Ex)tracts. The piece is essentially divided in two. While in the first half the piano's primary role is to provide resonance for the violin’s free melodies, something of a exchanging of roles takes place in the initial stages of the second half where piano becomes more extroverted and the violin extracts simpler melodies from the piano's angular passages. Eventually both instruments take on an equal level of energy and activity, at times supporting one another and at other times interrupting each other. The piece closes with a placid coda marked in the score as "ethereal."