Instrumentation: violin, clarinet, piano

Written for 2015 Rapido! Competition in which the work advanced to the Semi–Final round. Hypallage was premiered by the Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings on November 15, 2015.

Written according to the required specifications of the 2015 Rapido! Composition Contest, Hypallage is a set of five variations on an original theme for flute, violin and piano. The theme, consisting of a single long melodic strand, is presented in a sprightly minimalist texture in which the clarinet follows closely behind the violin in quasi–canonic fashion. The melody, anchored around the pitch A and characterized by its ascending A–E–G head motive, contains several wave–like phrases, each reaching higher than the previous. The violin–clarinet quasi–canonic relationship features prominently in variations 1, 4 and 5, those variations also maintaining to varying degrees the sprightly character of the theme. Variations 2 and 3, on the other hand, take on a more pensive disposition as the darker qualities in the thematic melody are accentuated. Variation 2 features foreboding, thundering chords over which the violin and clarinet provide anxious swells, while the "ghostly" Variation 3 features a haunting clarinet melody doubled by violin harmonics and accompanied by cascading gestures in the piano.