Bach Chorales Website: www.bach– was launched in the summer of 2018 and has quickly become a widely–used and linked resource for the Bach chorales.

May 2019: Buffalo Dance was selected for the Dot the Line New Music Festival, founded by pianist Eunmi Ko and Seunghee Lee. The piece will be performed on May 31 in Jeonju, South Korea.

March 2019: Threnody was performed by Boston–based Sound Icon at the 2019 SCI National Conference at UNM in Albuquerque in March 2019.

Spring 2019: Pianist Viktor Valkov premiered and performed my new chess–based piano piece Giuoco Piano on his spring 2019 recital tour (Utah, east coast, & Germany). Audio is now available here.

February 2019: A review of Viktor Valkov’s performance of Giuoco Piano in San Antonio calls the piece "fascinating... The movements are exceedingly brief, but each is beautifully formed and colored, and all engage the ear... I’d like to hear more from this composer."

September 2018: The Leviathan Trio performed my "The Impeded Stream is the One that Sings" on their September 2018 China Tour.

May 2018: I had the pleasure of serving on faculty at the 2018 Alba Music Festival Composition Program in May 2018. Festival resident ensemble SOLI Chamber Ensemble premiered my new work "Gray Behind Glass".

March 2018: My work "3x3x3" for 9 oboes won a competition commemorating Bach’s 333rd birthday.

March 2018: I presented a paper entitled "Fifth Amendments: Editorial ’Corrections’ in the Early Bach Chorale Collections" at the Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory annual meeting at the University of Arizona.

November 2017: I gave a talk on an important newly–rediscovered early manuscript of Bach chorales (the "Fasch Collection") at a conference in Lviv, Ukraine celebrating the work of eminent Bach scholar Christoph Wolff.

February 2017: I was featured as a guest composer at the University of Iowa as the Center for New Music gave the premiere of Pentimenti for large ensemble on a program that also included my Threnody.

In January 2017: I gave a talk entitled "Fifth Amendments: Parallels in the Bach Chorales and the Question of Authenticity" for the University of Utah’s "Fridays with Faculty" series.

January 2017: the new music ensemble at the Taipei University of the Arts gave a performance of Calder Cadences under the direction of Mei–Fang Lin.

October 2016: Ensemble Périphérie premiered Threnody for clarinet, viola and piano.

Fall 2015: I took a new Visiting Assistant Professor position at the University of Utah, teaching courses in music theory and composition.

November 2015: Hypallage, written for the 2015 Rapido! Composition Contest, advanced to the Semi–Final round and was premiered by the Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings on November 15, 2015.

November 2015: Traces was performed by pianist Daniel Koppelman at the National Society of Composers, Inc. Conference at the University of Florida in November 2015.

March 2015: Buffalo Dance for alto saxophone and piano was named winner of the 6th Biennial J.D. Robb International Composers’ Competition 2014. Originally written for world renowned saxophonist Kenneth Tse, Buffalo Dance was featured on the 2015 J.D. Robb Composers’ Symposium at the University of New Mexico on March 22–25, 2015. Update: A recording of the performance by saxophonist Dustin Hunter and pianist Tzufeng Liu is now available here.